NEXHS has wide-ranging experience within design services associated to the design of offshore Wind turbine foundations through participation in a sequence of large-scale offshore wind farm (OWF) projects including the first demonstration project in Vietnam. These projects not only pose challenges but do have a higher degree of complication on both technical and project management issues and required a reliable and efficient design execution process. 

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Our Offshore strategy

We have carried out vast no. of research and numerical studies for optimising foundation technology in deep and shallow waters. Our state-of-the-art FEA coupled with CFD and Aerodynamics of the structure enables us with greater understanding of the structural requirements to make it robust, safe and with greater degree of optimization.


The Areas where we excel


Steel Monopile Foundations

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Hybrid Monopile Foundations


Concrete Gravity based Foundations
for Shallow and Deep Water depths


Jacket Structures


Bucket Foundations


Floating Foundations

Our Specialization in Offshore

Wave Hydrodynamics

Analysis of Offshore Structures

Design of Offshore Structures

Dynamics of Offshore structures

Dynamics of Marine Vehicles

Reliability of Offshore Structures

Foundation of Offshore Structures

Numerical Modelling of Offshore Structures

Instrumentation of Offshore structures

Installation of Offshore Structures

Subsea Pipelines and Risers

Basic Ship Theory


NeXHS promotes the usage of Spun Piles in Indian soil which has better advantages and versatility than the conventional piles. The major features of the Spun Piles are highly versatile, high flexural strength, less permeability, minimal storage space, reduced time consumption, etc.,


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