We have years of Expertise in providing Optimized Designs and Consultation of Onshore WTG Foundation and Towers for major OEMs and IPPs in the Global Wind Energy market which have been validated

by major certifying bodies like CSIR-SERC, UL, DN-VGL, etc., 


Our Design Philosophy

Our Design Philosophy is to optimize the foundation and tower design by maximum utilization of local resources available at site. Understanding the soil dynamics and its interaction with structures using Innovative tools and Finite Element Analysis techniques, we are able to reduce the requirement of steel and concrete in foundation designs and comfortably meet design requirements as per IEC and applicable codes.


Harnessing Efficiently

At NeXHS, we believe in optimizing the foundation design by maximum utilization of local resources available at site in our designs.​

A typical onshore foundation is about ~ 5% of the overall project cost and just by optimizing the designs and by utilizing most of the natural resources available at site, we could target to save 1% to 1.5% on the overall project. This savings could add up to one’s profit or else be buried as concrete in the soil.  

For every combination of location, soil and wind turbine loads, there exists an opportunity for customization. At NeXHS, we carefully evaluate these combinations and propose optimal design solutions which are in turn cost-effective to our customers.


The Areas where we excel

Foundation Design

  • Wall Type Foundation

  • Anchor Type Foundation

  • High Rise Foundation

  • Piled-Raft Foundation

  • Pre Cast Foundation

Project Management Consulting

  • Site Inspection

  • Field Studies

  • TFA (Technical Field Assistance)

Design of Towers

  • Concrete Towers

  • Hybrid Towers

  • Braced Hybrid Towers

  • Steel Towers

  • Soft-soft Towers

Balance of Plant (BOP)

  • Earthing System Design

  • Road and Drainages

  • Geotechnical Analysis

  • Other Electrical and Civil Designs

Owner's Engineer

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Validations

  • Detailed Designs

  • Foundation and Soil Assessment Report

SaaS (Software as a Service)

  • DS 3DExperience CATIA

  • Bentley STADD.Pro

  • DS SIMULIA Abaqus

  • ANSYS Fluent


Our Extended Services

Complete Wind Farm BOP Solutions

Extensive Geotechnical Investigation

  • Providing general guidance for geotechnical investigation execution through certified geotechnical engineering services.

  • Enhancing performance through soil investigation testing and evaluation.

  • Work scope preparation for geotechnical services based on discussions with our clients and the project proposed.

  • Foundation type recommendations based on the soil and bedrock conditions encountered and the proposed structures.

  • Seismic Site Class determination, Subgrade soil observations, testing and evaluations for construction projects.

  • Settlement calculations and time-rate of settlement based on laboratory consolidation test results and the proposed structure loading.

  • Sampling and testing of soils will be carried out at IIT-M Geo Laboratory for better accurate results.

  • Geotechnical parameters required for the design of foundation and appropriate construction method can be obtained only through a good quality geotechnical investigation.

  • We provide both factual and interpretive reports. Ground Investigation Reports (GIR) and Geotechnical Design Reports (GDR) are provided to meet the requirements of Eurocodes and Indian codes.



4 Wall WTG Foundation - New Innovative topology in Wind Turbine foundation
4 Wall Foundation - A Game changer in Wind Turbine foundation
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We have established a Reputation for analysing the Problems and

                                 delivering Solutions & Design reports of unrivalled Quality and Clarity.


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