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NeXHS has a designated R&D Centre with a plush greenish eco-friendly working environment located at IIT Madras Research park, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India which helps us to extract the most out of Industry Academia Collaboration – harnessing the expertise of 16 Departments, over 600 Globally acclaimed Faculty, 3,500 Research Scholars, Hitech Laboratories, testing facilities, Innovation Centres and Students of IIT Madras which is the bee-hive of brilliant minds of India and it is also said to be the Home to India’s leading deep-tech start-ups.

Our R&D Team have developed special analytical tools that help enable us optimize foundation designs with limited iterations for any given loads and soil conditions. They have experience of designing over 50 foundation designs for wind turbines which have been successfully validated by institutions such as SERC, UL (formerly known as DEWI) and DNV-GL. We run research and development programs partnering with OEMs for standardization of foundations and concrete tower designs for an array of soil and wind conditions for each turbine type.

Our Ongoing R&D Concepts


Optimising Aerofoils of Aerostructures and Wind Turbines

Recycling and Reutilizing

Experimental Studies on the Aerofoil of Blades using Composites


Green Concrete

Green Concrete and its applications to Renewable Energy structures by utilizing Engineering properties achieved

Testing of High Strength Non-shrink Grout

Grout Test
Grout Test
Grout Testing
Grout Testing
Grout Testing
Grout Testing

Our R&D team is doing an extensive research in Grout material that will have Higher strength and Dimensional stability when compared with existing Grout materials. WTG Foundations and many Industries will get greatly benefited from this research. It is considered to possess Self-healing Technology for its mechanical response, durability and long-term response to damage.

The high-strength grout developed in this study can be used for offshore wind turbine foundations also which exhibit excellent early-age strength, fatigue strength, resistance to fracture as well as excellent workability. The project is collaboratively being carried out with CSIR-SERC, Chennai.

R&D Centre:

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Tamil Nadu, India.

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